C/ C++ Distributed Systems Senior Engineer – Top Rankers Only!

Our Client is a world Famous US Startup . (Enterprise Software Product Company)

You will join the R&D ( Core Development) team in Bengaluru. The Hiring Bar is quite high and we promise you a cutting edge interview experience.

Distributed Systems


4-18 years of experience in running a large-scale production system

About you

  • Strong understanding of concurrency, parallelism, and distributed systems.
  • You can hack in C, C++ but you also like the intoxicating power of working in higher-level languages like Go
  • You might even have some real-world functional programming experience
  • Experience with virtualization, containerization, and system image management (Docker, KVM, LXC).
  • Familiarity with distributed storage systems (HDFS, Amazon S3).
  • Experience with Raft, SaltStack, Zookeeper.
  • You like working in organizations that strive to have a good balance between doing it right and moving quickly

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