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The volume of data is practically exploding by the day. Not only this, the data that is available now in becoming increasingly unstructured .There is a need to store and retrieve this data both for transactions and also for analytical purposes.

We are looking for Cassandra leaders who will become core member of the developer experience engineering team and use their expertise in the field of data services by designing, running, optimizing and maintaining highly-scalable and highly-available petabyte-scale systems.

These leaders understand the Power of Apache Cassandra and datastore deeply and advise application engineering teams the need to use it at scale. Given that the datastore will be a platform service that will be used by multiple products, experience running the datastore at scale with stringent response SLAs and up-times becomes very important.

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10+ years of experience.

About you

  • You’re proud of the code you write, but you’re also pragmatic
  • Cassandra SME with expertise in designing, building, and maintaining Database products along with their roadmaps being on par with the latest technological trends.
  • Datastore expertise with deep understanding of Cassandra, its use cases, caveats / gotchas, limitations and strengths.
  • Has experience running platform services (Internals / External) that have datastores at the heart
  • Direct experience dealing with Cassandra-based systems


  • Efficiently build Cassandra as a service database product and design its road map based on the latest technological trends
  • Service expertise with deep understanding of running Cassandra at scale and Leading a team who will run the Cassandra platform service at scale.
  • Handing Cassandra multi-region clusters with no major incidents.
  • Build tight feedback loops from failures that continuously increase the reliability of the system
  • Efficiently built Cassandra as a service database product and designed its road map based on the latest technological trends

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