Devops Architect-Failquick,Recoverfast,Deploy frequent code

As a DevOps Architect you will be working to improve the reliability and performance. You will work shoulder-to-shoulder with engineering teams to design and build the next generation of web applications and systems infrastructure, focusing on automation, availability and performance.The primary responsibilities of the role is handling large scale distributed infrastructure deployments from scratch and have significant experience in handling systems scalability, architecture, with strong troubleshooting skills, through which make our engineering, business and operations teams work smarter and faster.

Job Location

Bangalore / Chennai / Pune


1-12 years of cloud engineering experience. Startup and Entrepreneurial experience will be a big plus!

About you

Skills needed would be some or all of these:

  • Understanding of large, high performance, highly scalable, highly resilient cloud-based architectures including replication / failover, distributed architectures, caches, auto scaling, sharding, rate limiting, and security
  • Ability to design DevOps solutions and develop the right-sizing of servers that includes virtual infrastructure for hardware, NoSQL databases application
  • Hands on operational experience in a high-volume or critical production service environment with demonstrated skills in automation.
  • Ability to develop High-Level Design interaction diagrams, system functionality changes, data model, data flow, high-level interface specifications.
  • Keep abreast of new developments in the DevOps domain and gain an understanding on how new and emerging technologies are being deployed by various enterprises. .
  • Working Knowledge on more than one of the following DevOps tools: NewRelic, Nagios, Jenkins,Hudson,CruisControl,Chef,Puppet,CA Nolio,Ansible,Graphite, Statsd, and Logstash.
  • Knowledge of scaling Redis & MongoDB.
  • Experience on CloudBees will be a plus.
  • Experience with non-relational NoSQL document oriented data stores, MongoDB, Riak,CouchDB.
  • Familiarity with data science techniques: databases, MapReduce, NoSQL, machine learning.

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