Director of Talent Branding

The ideal candidate :

Any professional in the HR or marketing field with a strong foundation in the principles of branding, marketing, and recruitment would be an ideal candidate. If you’ve worked in a creative/branding agency in the past, that will certainly give you an edge. We are looking for someone who can help us tell our story about who we are, what we do and what are the finer aspects of our work culture that set us apart from others.

What we look for :

● Program management:​ This role will require you to plan and execute cross-functional projects. While driving independent projects, you will also need to manage stakeholders across different teams

● Creating content:​ A flair for writing and editing is a must; you will be responsible for content creation and curation. Be it a blog post, or a presentation, or an info-graphic, or social media posts – we except craftsmanship in writing

● Running campaigns:​ A lot of this role will involve planning and executing campaigns (both digital and OOH), along with tracking and measuring the success and failure, and course-correcting where required

● Flair for design:​ While this role does not require design skills directly, we still expect you to have an eye for design since you will need to work with designers and be able to speak in their language

We value intellectual curiosity, open communication and creative thinkers who know how to stand up and be counted. You will join a high class globally distributed team and work with some leading “Industry Inventors”.

Location: Chennai

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