Distributed System Engineer ( C/C++, Go) – Kernel Level

If you eat thundering-herd problems for breakfast, thinks handling data by the terabit per second sounds cool then we are looking for you. We routinely work on massive scalability and storage solutions at kernel level, large-scale applications and entirely new platforms for developers around the world.

You will work with an awesome distributed team working on solving massive and difficult problems in scaling cutting-edge distributed, scale-out data infrastructure software systems.

Some Tech stacks which we use: C/C++, Go, Erlang /OTP, Python, GNU/Linux, Shell Scripting, Storage Engines, Distributed Systems, Distributed caching, MongoDB, Scale-out, Fault Tolerant, Embedded v8 engine, Kernel level programming.

We’re doing some exciting work and we try to have fun while we’re at it. Reach out to us – we can promise you a world class hiring process. Write to me at deepa.m@careerxperts.com to get started.


Mid-Senior level

About you

  • Deep understanding of memcached, eventually persistence engine, replication, binary protocols, storage API service, auto-failover systems, etc.
  • You’re particular about your toolset, because you have it set up just how you like it and when you’re at your best you’re insanely productive.
  • Writes well designed efficient and clean code in either C/ C++ languages.
  • You know Go and have used it in production ready systems and thinks distributed systems problems are cool.
  • Expertise of algorithms, design patterns, performance optimization and scalability.
  • Expertise in kernel design and object oriented problem solving, network, parallel/distributed, multi-threading programming.


  • Work on large-scale, in-production, distributed load balancing system, and on a low-level highly optimized sever at kernel level.
  • Develop Linux kernel modules, distributed storage system, or software load balancer.
  • Architect and write server application for optimization and key speed wins.
  • Build API using C++, Golang that serves more than millions of server requests.
  • Tackle complex problems in distributed computing, fault tolerant storage, distributed queuing, and more.
  • Research industry and academic leading-edge algorithms for distributed consensus, replication, consistency, availability and scalability.
  • Think quality; think leverage. Develop high-quality software and use unit, component, and end-to-end automation tests so we know we have high-quality software.


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