Engineering Lead – IoT Streaming Analytics Platform from Scratch!

Are you excited by power of IoT and its use?  Do you like building lightweight RESTful APIs from scratch on complex event processing analytics platform.

We’re looking for highly skilled individual who takes pride in writing high-quality code to build APIs quickly and enjoy fast paced environment. You like writing whole new microservices in Java, and can squeeze out every drop of performance, using well-architected API design, caching. You have full-stack experience, but you prefer to dive deep.

Engineering Lead- IoT Streaming Analytics Platform from scratch!

Compensation: Better than the best salaries in India!

Job Location

Hyderabad / Bengaluru


8+ years of strong expertise in Java server side development, Java Memory Models and Memory Leak.

About you

  • 8+ years of building at scale and understanding how to architect fault-tolerant systems.
  • Strong in Java- Generics, Linked List vs ArrayList, HashMap functionality, Threading concepts, Phantom reference, Deadlocks
  • Solid experience in HashMap – Design, Complexity, AVL and RBTree comparison and its use.
  • ConcurrentHashMap- Good understanding of Concurrency packages, Thread safe, Internals, synchronized map.
  • Strong Design experience; should be able to come up with optimized design.
  • Experience in Data Structures & Algorithms- Linked List, BST, Tree traversal.
  • Strong in UI frameworks experience like Javascript, AngularJS or nodeJS from last 2 years.
  • Experience with cloud computing would be a BIG PLUS.

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