Enterprise Java- High Throughput Distributed Systems

We dream audaciously big and are passionate about our customers, our frameworks. We are bringing down the problems faced when scaling a distributed computing systems and tackling those problems that has never been done before. You’ll be working with best folks in this space. You will build the architecture and design of platform that will deliver a solution. The team is small which means your contributions will have a big impact on the organization.

This is not big data but meeting the technology requirements demands excellent execution to perform near real-time decisions and analytics. We are pragmatic programmers, and you should be too. Logs are data, measure everything, and automate whenever possible. We currently deploy to the jvm using java based tools.


6 + Years in building scalable, available and fault-tolerant server-side applications.

About you

  • 6+ years of hands on experience designing and developing applications using Java EE platforms and its derivatives and deploying successful, highly concurrent applications.
  • Expertise in large clusters comprising of multi-core nodes and its performance tuning.
  • Profound insight of Java internals (Common design patterns and why/how to use/avoid them, Memory Management, Garbage Collection, Transaction management etc.)
  • Expertise in working in highly concurrent systems, lock- free data structures avoiding common problems associated with conventional locking techniques, including priority inversion, convoying, and difficulty of avoiding deadlock.


Specifically, your day consists of:

  • Lead and develop massive scalable product using distributed systems architecture.
  • Handle these fine details:
  1. Real time scalability and highly available solution.
  2. Large scale distributed database architectures.
  • World-class distributed system technology including clustered system, distributed database, distributed computing.
  • Experience in data processing technologies like Samza, Mesos, Spark, Storm and enabling technologies like Kafka, Kinesis, Cassandra, etc.
  • Familiar with NIO, Garbage Collection, Typesafe, Distributed data structures etc..
  • Familiar with tools/technologies as Kafka, Storm, Elasticsearch, Solr, Oracle, Redis, Cassandra, HDFS.
  • Write once, optimize it later and publish it once.
  • Have developed and knows what it takes to ship high-quality world class product on time.

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