Founding Engineer – UI Lead/ Front-end Lead

We are building a data science engine which enables students to learn in a way they understand best – as we will provide real-time hints, adjust difficulty levels, provide interest (e.g. sports) based questions, media format as per their liking, etc. The vision is to replicate the one to one tutoring experience in an ​affordable​ & ​scalable way, using an ​Advanced Human-AI hybrid learning system​!

The candidates we’re currently seeking are for the roles – Founding UI Lead/ Founding Front-end Engineer.

Skills we’re looking for –

  1. Can design User Experience for web & mobile apps
  2. Experience in B2C space (esp. If developed products for children)
  3. Experience in web app and mobile app development (~2-4 years of work experience)
  4. Experience in react and react-native
  5. Good understanding of software design architecture
  6. Create games & interactive contents in JavaScript/ game engine (like phaser)
  7. Integrate product features in different platforms like messenger
  8. Leadership & Ownership

Job Location: Bangalore

If you think you are the right fit for this ground-floor opportunity, we should talk! Write to to get in touch!

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