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Blockchain is deemed by experts as the most disruptive technology since the internet. Distributed ledger technology will give room to build hundreds of use cases and businesses in the years to come. We are currently focused on building tools and experiences for Blockchain mass adoption.

In this role you will be involved in research, design, develop, and testing blockchain technologies by possessing a keen eye for designing distributed computing solutions. We combine a theoretical research team with a product team to lead cutting-edge developments in the Blockchain space.

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5+ Years of Experience

About you

  • Proficiency in at least two of the following: Java, Go, JavaScript, Scala, Python programming stacks.
  • Experience developing highly reliable, scalable services, incorporating REST and Microservices patterns.
  • Must have ability to learn/iterate quickly in a rapidly changing technical stack with nascent codebase and developer tools.
  • Strong comprehension of computer science fundamentals, object-oriented design patterns, data structures, and algorithms.
  • Ability to create cutting-edge, high-quality solutions with zero margin for error.


  • The ability to articulate the pros/cons of current blockchain implementations beyond Ethereum. Hands-on experience creating smart contracts, or building on blockchain
  • Strong Understanding of cryptographic principles underpinning Bitcoin and blockchain technologies.
  • Good knowledge of DevOps tooling like docker, kubernetes, ansible/chef, AWS.

Deep Blockchain experience is not mandatory.

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