iOS Software Development – Global Network

This role is an iOS software developer with solid software development and user experience design skills. The iOS Software Developer will be working with an on-site client team and will be expected to mentor and share their skills and knowledge across the existing client developers.

About you

• Extensive experience developing native applications for iOS in Swift and / or Objective-C

• Version Control using GIT

• A test-first development mentality using TDD and XCTest

• Able to provide examples of clean, self-documenting, readable code

• Demonstrable understanding of S.O.L.I.D. principles and Object-Oriented patterns

• Integrating third party open source software using CocoaPods, Carthage or other

• Continuous Delivery with FastLane or TestFlight together with CI systems e.g.TeamCity or Xcode Server

• Experience of Agile software delivery methodology

• Excellent communication and mentoring skills, good verbal and written communication;


The following are not required but an advantage

• 2+ Years experience of development with Swift

• Knowledge of Clean Architecture patterns such as MVVM or VIPER (above and beyond MVC).

• Experience of GCD and asynchronous multicore programming an advantage

• Framework development and distribution via CocoaPods, Carthage or Swift Package Manager




• Providing technical iOS leadership within their team

• Consistently delivering to challenging business objectives and adhere to Service Level Agreements with commercial implications for success and failure

• Demonstrating strong problem-solving skills

• Utilising their XP knowledge; TDD, Continuous Integration

• Working predominantly using pair programming, imparting skills and knowledge in a small team

• Introducing Open Source products/ tools as appropriate to optimize the delivery time scale and quality of the software product

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