Java Internals – Hard Core Systems Programming

You will work with the Founding Team of Engineers :

  • Who are Passionate about large-scale impact.
  • Who delve into memory, I/O, and threading in Java.
  • Who have Strong grasp over concurrency control, multi-threading and parallel processing.
  • Who implement and scrutinize garbage collection algorithms
  • Who regularly squash bugs in the depths of a JVM

Write to me at deepa.m@careerxperts.som and I can connect you to a Core Product Development Opportunity!


4 to 20 Years of experience in delivering solid production code

About you

  • Strong expertise with concurrency and/or transactions.
  • Strong knowledge of different data structures- including concurrent structures and algorithms.
  • Knowledge of NIO, wire protocols, serialization and other network concepts.
  • Worked on large scale distributed systems and its challenges.
  • Familiarity with CAP theorem, consensus, replication, etc.
  • Strong in Software Design and Architecting

We would like you to:

  • Be a senior Java engineer – including all aspects connected to it
  • Have great networking, concurrency, serialisation, garbage-collection skills
  • Have understanding of asynchronous and distributed systems problems
  • Have Experience with NoSQL datastores such as Cassandra, HBase, or DynamoDB
  • Have understanding of issues around fault tolerance and scale-out

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