Java Memory Model – Core Systems – $100K – $120K

We are seeking candidates skilled in the development of distributed systems, database systems (K/V, relational, columnar, document, etc.) and / or data grid / computing systems. This is an opportunity to work on some of the world’s most highly-scaled distributed systems.

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5+ Years of Experience in writing Enterprise Java Code.

About you

  • Strong core Java knowledge, including Java memory model
  • Good familiarity with communication protocols, networking
  • JVM development, including asynchronous I/O, concurrency, and the Java memory model
  • Well-rounded knowledge of Java open-source ecosystem



  • Experience with the challenges of distributed computing systems
  • Strong expertise with concurrency and/or transactions
  • Experience with performance profiling and tuning
  • Strong understanding of data structures and collection types common in Java
  • Strong knowledge of the workings of common NoSQL data stores

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