JVM/ Java Internals / Concurrency – Real time Platforms

Are you self-starter? Do you get thrilled by the power of high performance distributed systems at enterprise scale and its business impact? Do you enjoy working in Java through research in Java memory models, heaps and Garbage collection?

If you have a passion for working with large data (Petabytes) and millions of transactions per second, then we would like to talk to you!!!

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We are looking for people who can deliver solid production code. (2 to 15 years)

About you

You are awesome at:

  • Concurrency and multithreading packages.
  • Java Threading Model, locking etc.
  • Concurrent data structures and algorithms.
  • Consistent Hash Maps.
  • Some Distributed Systems concepts like- Vector clocks, Async replication, Distributed Locking server
  • Strong in Software Design and Architecting (for senior folks).
  • Performance optimization techniques.


You will work with the Founding Team of Engineers:

  • Who are Passionate about large-scale impact.
  • Who delve into memory, I/O, and threading in Java.
  • Who have Strong grasp over concurrency control, multi-threading and parallel processing.
  • Who implement and scrutinize garbage collection algorithms.
  • Who regularly squash bugs in the depths of a JVM.

Sounds like you! Write to me at deepa.m@careerxperts.com to get started

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