Leader In Big Data – Nothing Else Goes This Big and This Fast!

The mandate here is to hire the “TOP 20 Java Enterprise Developers of India”. ( Top College – You should have worked for Enterprise Product development companies and more importantly should be very Hands-on.)

What We Create

Best in the breed In-Memory Data Storage that is:

  • Large-Scale and Distributed
  • Predictable, Low-Latency
  • Fault-Tolerant, Reliable
  • Consistent

These positions are an opportunity to work on leading Big Data Solutions, which are used in millions of deployed applications.


You should love coding!

About you

  • Strong expertise with concurrency and / or transactions. Understanding of Internals of Java Threading Model, locking etc.
  • Strong knowledge of different data structures- including concurrent structures and algorithms.
  • Knowledge of NIO, wire protocols, serialization and other network concepts. Experience with the challenges of distributed computing systems would be bonus.
  • Strong experience developing with Java, Java ecosystem related tools- in product which use some of the above concepts.
  • Good in Software Design and Architecting ( for senior folks)


Lead the design and implementation of in-memory data management products including software development, design and architecture to provide innovative product features

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