The Paradigm Shifter – Engineering Leader

We are looking for a Visionary Engineering leader who has Managed / Developed “A+” teams, has a knack for highly-scaled distributed systems and always in quest for new challenges. You will build / lead a Super Bright Team of Engineers in Bengaluru. “Greenfield” projects, to “scaling” activities, to “operationalizing” endeavors — all at great scale and break-neck speed. If you have, an insatiable desire to create innovative products, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

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10 + years of experience in Building / Managing / Launching Large Scale Distributed Systems.

About you

  • Strong background in building large-scale distributed systems.
  • Built, grown and led top tier development teams (at least 10+ engineers).
  • Strong technical experience and expertise in any one of the areas- Retail, Personalization, Recommendation Systems, Graph Databases, Non-relational databases etc.
  • Expertise in multiple technologies (including C/C++ , Java, Go, Python, Ruby).
  • Penchant for disruptive technology and products.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with experience of growing up in start-up environments.


  • Hiring, building, retaining and mentoring all-star engineer teams.
  • Enabling some of the smartest engineers in the industry to build revolutionary products.
  • Bring a strong perspective that drives change and motivates engineers to develop simple solutions to complex problems.
  • Collaborating with senior leaders in the organization to strategize around product and technical direction.
  • Drive the latest design and product practices and inculcating in our core engineering leadership team.

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