Principal A+ Engineer – Operating and Distributed Systems Research

“We represent a leap ahead in an industry typically comfortable with incremental change. ​We are frustrated as consumers and citizens by the slow rate of adoption of AI/ML across industries such as healthcare, education, and finance to better humanity. The team was at the frontier of changing the way business was done with these technologies at well-known internet companies and top hedge funds before anyone ever used the term ‘big data’ and we would now like to enable every enterprise to take advantage of the promise of these revolutions. Simply put, we will change the status-quo in operating and distributed systems research. “

Our solution makes it possible for innovative enterprises to take advantage of data capabilities that, until now, have been the sole domain of behemoths with unlimited capital, a fleet of their own state-of-the-art data centers, and armies of in-house data scientists. Giving every enterprise, regardless of size or maturity, the same kinds of capabilities is a problem that will take the best minds and a monumental effort to solve. This is not iteration or amalgamation; we’re creating something entirely new, and by doing so, we intend to democratize a ground-breaking set of technologies to allow companies of any size to thrive and work at the speed and efficiency that was, until now, only reserved for the rare few at the top.

We have the right customers, team, and investors and are looking for the final piece of the puzzle​which starts with you.

Our Values and Way of Life  

  • We act with integrity in all circumstances – Life is too short to waste time looking over our shoulders
  • We continually progress toward perfection by practicing: ○ Agility – Improvisation and hustle, enough said, it’s addictive!
    • Efficiency – We care deeply about the value of our time and each line of code
    • Excellence – We push ourselves and each other to be the best at all our endeavours
    • Endurance – We don’t give up, especially when faced with overwhelming odds
    • Improvisation – We trust and respect each other as a team and keep on moving the ball forward. If we screw up, we learn, adapt and are on our feet again before next sunrise
  • We value Diversity; it’s encoded within DNA, from our founding team, to our tools, and even to the type of coffee we drink
  • We deliver Durability & Craftsmanship – Whatever we do, we believe in delivering the highest quality work product and imparting a lasting impact through our craft
  • We act with care and responsibility towards each other, our customers, our vendors, and our investors
  • We never rest on past successes, instead we redouble our efforts to do even better work on the next problem in front of us
  • We are humble, and know that no matter what any of us has accomplished in the past, it takes a team effort to affect the kind of change we intend in the world

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We are looking for Creative Problem Solvers at all levels.

About you

We seek accomplished, and hands-on engineering leaders who are prolific coders in their own right, value integrity, and derive great personal joy from bringing a team together to overcome next-to-impossible challenges that some say can’t be done. If this sounds like you and you like what you read above, we should talk. Drop us a line at ​and we can set up a time to connect.


  • 8+ years of (effective) experience dealing with systems aspects using C/C++, Java or Go  
  • Competency in building APIs using gRPC/JSON formats over HTTP/REST
  • Comfortable with async. Concurrency, and distributed techniques with an eye for efficiency
  • Working experience with at least one of Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Spark, etc.
  • Working experience of using Node.js, Python, etc. to build client side SDKs
  • Have been practicing ‘agile’ long before JIRA / Scrum came along
  • Delivered systems which ‘just’ run at scale, while being efficient and resilient
  • Ability to balance architecture and introspection, alongside daily improvisation
  • Ability to write poetry in code while being hygienic about tests, docs, and demos.

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