Proud SDET’s – You should be able to Code!

You will join the R&D team of a world famous US startup in Bengaluru. We are looking for people who are ready to accept any technical challenge. You are a determined professional who can get things done against all odds. While being an excellent engineer you are also a team player and always add to the synergies of a team.

Job Location



2 - 12 Years of Experience

About you

  • Highly-skilled in test framework implementation
  • Ability to write quality code in at least one high level language like Java, C,C++,C# etc.
  • Solve complex problems in effective, efficient and resourceful ways. Ability to break problems down, can prioritize.
  • Experience with computer networks including TCP and HTTP
  • Hands-on experience with Linux/Unix operating systems
  • Demonstrated knowledge of testing one or more of the following: server performance, API interfaces, databases / data stores, operating systems, network performance
  • Experience with working on large scale distributed systems or relational/NoSQL databases


  • Own product areas and lead the test effort of one or more features.
  • You’ll work with Golang,Python, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, and a number of other programming and scripting languages to build automated test frameworks. You will be part of a great team that is going through some really exciting growth and development.
  • The Product is based on a shared-nothing architecture, with true auto-sharding and simple, elastic cluster administration. It features fast in-memory indexes, materialized map-reduce views and a rich query language that provides SQL-like power over a flexible JSON-based document model. It’s engineered to provide fast and consistent access to your data, with or without a network connection, removing the network dependency that traditional service-based approaches require. You will solve some very hard problems.

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