Python Coder – Customer Facing – Product Support Analyst

We are looking for an engineer with an Ops/DevOps background who has experience working with customers and managing/leading a team.

Building on the rapid success and adoption, we are delivering products that enable them to deploy NoSQL solutions, scale, monitor and troubleshoot performance issues much easier and faster. Our Engineers provide their exceptional analytical skills and customer service to ensure that our users are successful. We’re looking for individuals who want to dig into the details of how “web-scale” systems are successfully assembled and recommend best practices in Server setup or coding methodologies for best performance. If you’re passionate about the opportunity of being a part of team that works at the frontier of SaaS services and database systems, this is the role for you.

You will be a key part of our elite Technical Services organization that supports our enterprise customers worldwide, with teams in locations including US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Bengaluru. This lead role must have the technical skills to be able to tackle various production outage scenarios, as well as the leadership ability to help build, mentor, and grow the rest of the Product Support Services team.

Python Coder – Customer Facing – Product Support Analyst


6+ Years experience as Programmer/Software Engineer or equivalent

About you

  • Systems-
    • Should have a Linux/ Windows system knowledge and understand performance metrics.
    • Be comfortable troubleshooting issues on Linux/ Windows.
  • Networking-
    • Basic troubleshooting and understanding of network concepts.
  • Development (20% of the overall job)-
    • Re-creating and replication customer issues. This could be with using any of our client SDKs(C, Java, .Net, Python) and should be able to write (code) test scenarios.
    • Work closely with development team to identify/verify bugs.
    • Automation of tools that we use for processing large amounts of data.


  • Support production outages and recommend best practices.
  • Develop different client SDKs that are used to connect (C, PHP, Python, Java, .Net)
  • Develop connectors to other Big Data products like ElasticSearch, Kafka etc.
  • Tackle customer problems and come up with different solutions by design and development.

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