Python Research Programmer – Distinguished Founders

Are you a Software Craftsman who feels you’re not being challenged enough or just simply not being utilized to your full potential? Ask yourself – are you awesome? If the answer is something akin to “Heck Yes!!!”, then we have an opening for you.

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0 to 8 years. You should be a “well Known” Problem Solver!

About you

Engineering / MTech / Phd  from Top Engineering Colleges / Universities.


You will solve hard problems in areas like:


  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision – How can we get automation systems to observe and learn from people in the enterprise, so that they improve with time and practice?
  • Distributed Execution and Pipelining – How do we ensure reliable and consistent throughout by leveraging ideas from queuing theory to implement distributed execution of automation systems?
  • Security and Programming Languages – How can we store sensitive information, execute encrypted code, check for code integrity at run-time, and prove properties about correctness of automation components?
  • Fault Tolerance – How do we ensure high availability of our automation systems despite failures in client systems by using techniques from consistent snapshots and state reconciliation?
  • Cloud Computing – How do we build a proprietary cloud-enabled automation platform to support effortless scaling vertically and horizontally, and architected to work across private, public, and hybrid clouds?
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) – How do we turn the automation system into a business owner’s brightest direct-report, and what should that interface look like?

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