Research Engineers – Complex Problems -Tech Innovation

We are looking for Research engineers who are comfortable digging into complex system, tweak into algorithms and develop solutions to optimize systems. You will be part of a real-time highly distributed platform running mission-critical smart software applications / robots (replace or augment procedurally defined human work) optimizing the server pushing the envelope of computer science.

Just to give you a sense, our servers are designed to scale to the largest volumes of granular data, the most disparate and varied data sets, and the most complex advanced analytics. We build solutions to challenging data problems at large scale, including areas like real-time bidding, yield optimization, path prediction.


Research and Development in any of these Areas - Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Information Extraction, Recommender Systems, Text Classification, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Distributed Systems, Large Scale Systems, Distributed Algorithms, Kernel Distributed Storage, File Systems, Distributed Databases, Parallel Computing.

About you

  • Computer Science or equivalent background (MS or BS) with strong coding ability and familiarity with Java, C++ or other OOP language.
  • 1+ years of academic and/or industry work building systems of data sizes greater than 100 million rows.
  • Self-starter attitude (It requires a lot of false starts and constant testing before things begin to work. Must be willing to tolerate failures.)
  • Experience with data from Ad Tech, Online Media or E-Commerce a strong plus.
  • Research-minded, ability to run experiments independently and present results to leadership.


As a Research Engineer, you will:

  • Research, optimize, develop and integrate software in a loosely coupled system for scale.
  • Scale production systems, develop new features, and fix bugs on massive distributed frameworks.
  • Provide reliable, performance tuned and scalable Distributed computer system.
  • Build the core components of our system.
  • Create Algorithm design for Systems scalability of Parallel and Distributed Systems.

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