Scientific R&D – Senior Hardware Design Engineers

Role: Embedded Hardware Design, with focus on Digital Circuits. 

About the client : “Our Product development team is an intersection of computer hardware, digital and analog electronics, software (system, application and machine learning), optics, biology, chemistry, physics, instrumentation and control systems specialists.

We provide a perfect platform for multi-disciplinary exposure and a first-hand experience in designing a product from scratch and taking it to production while working in an R&D style environment with world class domain experts.The company is well funded by Technological Innovation focused Venture Capital Firms and other Billion Dollar companies.”

About you

  • Circuit design and analysis skills for digital and Mixed-signal circuits.
  • Design and Analysis of R/L/C filters, OpAmp circuits and data-converter circuits.
  • Understanding of signal integrity, noise factors, filtering, decoupling, thermal, etc.,
  • Problem solving and debugging skills
  • Experience with using Schematic and circuit analysis tools like Cadence, Orcad, Pspice, LTspice, etc.,
  • Familiarity with Circuit layout tools like PCB Editor, Allegro, etc.,
  • Experience in developing firmware for microcontroller or microprocessor based boards
  • Design of power supply converters all topologies
  • Revision control systems like SVN, GIT, Arena.

Ways to stand-out from the crowd : 

  • Complexity of the board/designs worked on and team sizes.
  • Worked on Cortex m3, m7 Board Design , Sandragon based SOC board Design , FPGA board design
  • Product mindset, System level understanding and design experience from scratch
  • Relevant experience in microcontroller / SoC based development.
  • Experience in working with cross-functional teams
  • Number of projects delivered
  • Success of the designs done; did it ship over 1000 units?
  • Experience in performing CE/UL certifications for the board and products
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, Python, RTOS
  • Good understanding of Windows and Linux development environments.


  • Develop new hardware solutions from initial requirements through prototypes to production ready.
  • Embedded Circuit design, inclusive of Component Selection, Spice Simulation, Control Loop design, Power supplies, signal integrity check, interface designs, protocol analysis, mechanical interference, thermal analysis, High-reliability, long availability, BOM management, etc.,
  • Co-ordinate with Layout engineers for proper layout design inclusive of power supplies routing, signal integrity, thermal dissipation, clear documentation, etc.
  • Maintain existing designs and develop new variants of existing products to add new features, deal with component end-of-life, etc.
  • Improve performance of existing designs and fix HW bugs that are identified in current revisions.
  • Work collaboratively with fellow Hardware team members, Product Management, Software Engineering and Manufacturing to produce reliable, standards compliant, world-class products.
  • Create, improve and automate Bench test setups, debug and characterization of embedded boards, Power supply switching regulators, Signal and power integrity measurements for board characterization.
  • Data collection, jitter measurements, analysis to enable simulation correlation, Test design and automation

Experience : Bachelors or Masters in Electronics & Communication or EEE with 5 to 10 years of experience.

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