Senior Engineering Manager / Director – “You should be able to Code”

You will head our technology team(A+) in India!

Senior Engineering Manager / Director


14-16 years of experience with deep technical knowledge and hands on skills.

About you

  • Built and managed highly talented distributed engineering teams.
  • Built, prioritized, and executed product roadmaps.
  • Designed and developed highly scalable multi-threaded Large Scale DistributedSystems.
  • Expert knowledge of computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design.
  • Deep knowledge in distributed caching algorithms, transaction engines, garbage collectors, distributed lock managers, replicated hot/standby systems, network management systems, etc.
  • Proficient in virtualization, PaaS and IaaS. Should have worked on building a high-volume, low-latency, auto-scalable distributed infrastructure for internet and mobile users.
  • Strong understanding of end-to-end architectures and development frameworks; knowledge across tiers in a multi-tier cloud environment including load balancers, web servers, application containers, data stores, distributed caches and content delivery networks.

Engineering leadership – Attracting top talent & building highly skilled teams – Infrastructure/Enterprise software – Big Data – Highly available fault tolerant systems – Distributed systems – High performance & scale out systems – Cloud computing platforms.

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