Solutions Architect – ISV

Achieve rapid adoption of enterprise cloud services in India by collaborating with customers as an Enterprise Solutions Architect.

You will grow revenue across a diverse consumer base in India. The solutions architect will assist enterprises in understanding advanced cloud-based solutions and how to transition existing workloads to the cloud. You will help create and execute a plan to increase enterprise cloud adoption and mindshare. The ideal applicant is self-driven and has experience in software/technology BD or consulting. A solutions architect’s ability to link technology to business value is crucial.

Your day-to-day

  • Develop and implement a strategy to exceed revenue targets in India through enterprise cloud adoption.
  • Assist with the development and transfer of cloud-based applications, software, and services.
  • Educate customers of all sizes on the value of the enterprise cloud and participate in detailed architectural discussions to assure cloud implementation success.
  • Provide one-on-one and group training sessions to educate customers considering or adopting business cloud services.
  • Capture and share best practices among cloud solution architects.
  • Assist with the creation of AISPL customer-facing materials like whitepapers.
  • Enable senior technical personnel to be cloud advocates by building solid relationships.
  • Assist customers and help engineering teams with technical issues.


Our expectations from you

  • A degree in computer science, engineering, or information technology, or an equivalent technical qualification, is required.
  • Candidate must be self-motivated and have experience in software/technology BD or consulting Linking technology to business value is critical for a solutions architect.


Be who you are at work

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